EM Law started trading in 2013. By the time he’d set the firm up, our founder, Neil Williamson, had worked in a global law firm, a national law firm and smaller, specialist firms. He’d spent 15 years learning a great deal about commercial law and how to do things. But he’d also learned a great deal about how NOT to do things - at least, how not to do things as far as he was concerned.

Neil Williamson is a commercial solicitor and founder of EM Law

Our Philosophy

Here’s what Neil had decided about how a law firm should be run:

– Don’t treat your staff like an expense.
– Be generous with your clients (be super customer-friendly).
– Make creating a great working environment the main focus rather than making money.

Knowing that this was not how law firms were generally run(!) Neil decided to set up EM Law and turn the theory into practice.

Our Clients

The firm started with one small client and one lawyer. Since 2013 we have grown to 15 staff and we’ve helped hundreds of businesses and individuals with their challenges. Most of our clients are in London and the South East but we have clients in other part of the UK and abroad – Italy, France, Sweden, India, the United States and Canada. We started from a bedroom in Fulham, we’re now operating out of White Collar Factory in Shoreditch. If you’re an entrepreneur – we get you. We’ve been working with entrepreneurs for years and we’re entrepreneurs ourselves. If you’re a larger business that’s been around for a while – take a look at us. We have high calibre lawyers who you will love working with and we may well be better value than the law firm you are currently using.

Work With Us

We’ve got a million miles to go. We’ve got happy clients and a happy team but we won’t really know whether we were right about how things should be done until we’re 10 times bigger. So we’re still very much on that journey. Come and join us and be part of our story. We’d love to be part of yours.

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