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Media Law

Media Lawyers EM Law LondonWe are experts in media law. We help clients operating in the media and creative industries with their advertising, marketing and promotions, data protection and IP arrangements. We have particular experience in acting for publishers, social media and PR businesses.

We can help with the following media law issues:

  • sponsorship agreements
  • media buying agreements
  • digital marketing
  • digital content supply arrangements
  • licence agreements
  • brand protection
  • marketing agency arrangements
  • production agreements
  • advertising campaigns
  • data protection advice include GDPR

Sharon Playford is our lead lawyer for media law advice. Examples of her media law experience include:

  • advising an international group of media companies on a wide range of legal agreements including UK and international media buying agreements, IT procurement agreements, TV production agreements, international affiliate agreements and software licences. Also advising on social media, privacy and data protection matters including in relation to the use of near field technology
  • supporting a creative advertising agency by negotiating client/agency agreements, event management agreements, TV production agreements and advising on advertising compliance, IP issues and experiential marketing and social media campaigns. Providing general media law services as required by the business
  • drafting and negotiating client/agency contracts – dealing with both private sector clients and public sector procurement departments
  • reviewing and advising on public sector standard roster terms and conditions
  • negotiating, vetting and drafting consultancy agreements, supplier terms and conditions, IP assignments, IT agreements (including website and software development, hosting and support services all drafted from a supplier perspective) and drafting precedent agreements
  • providing general advice relating to intellectual property and legal compliance particularly in relation to client deliverables and contractual compliance obligations
  • data protection compliance advice
  • carrying out in-house training sessions to group agencies in relation to risk management, client agreements and third party intellectual property rights
  • advising a national newspaper (UK) on a wide range of commercial agreements including: media law sponsorship agreements and licensing arrangements (including photo and news content licenses)
  • online partnership agreements including whitelabel website agreements; supply agreements; syndication agreements; high value advertising campaign agreements; agency agreements
  • onfidentiality agreements
  • soft intellectual property issues including copyright, trade marks and passing off
  • enforcing the company’s intellectual property rights against infringing parties and advising on new and existing law, in particular the law on gambling, data protection, financial services, e-commerce and media law and regulations relating to advertising and sales promotions

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