We’re relatively new. Reason number one you should choose us. We started trading in 2013. This is not a law firm where the people that run it joined with a client base waiting for them. EM Law started with one small client so getting to where we are now has been all about being very client focused. We’ve still got a long way to go. The only way we are going to get there is by growing the client base and providing a great service to our existing clients. We need happy clients.

We’re not a mid to large sized law firm with partners who figure they have maybe 5 years maximum to make as much money as they possibly can before retiring or going into consultancy. If this firm is not around in 20 years time then that will be a problem for its founder because there is no plan B! So we are thinking long term and looking to grow the client base. We need happy clients.

We’re not money focused. We need money – let’s be clear on that (and we’re not the cheapest law firm out there) but money isn’t what motivates us. Our aim is to create a law firm which is fun to work in. That may sound clichéd but we think it’s better to earn a decent wage and work in a fun environment than earn a lot but work in a toxic environment. It’s not much fun working in a firm where the clients resent paying the bills or leave because they think they can get a better service elsewhere. When you choose us you’re choosing a company that is prioritising the happiness and satisfaction of it’s clients.

We recruit people on the basis of their personality as well as capability. Our lawyers do need to have a personality – this goes back to that point about us wanting to be in a fun environment. And life is too short to deal with the stress of having lawyers in a firm who aren’t both great at their jobs and good with clients. We have a brilliant team of lawyers who you’ll enjoy working with.

We’re entrepreneurial. We’re only just out of start-up phase and we had to grow the client base from scratch. We understand the challenges that a young business faces while at the same time we’re still super keen to shake things up and show more established businesses what we can do.

If we’re not the best firm to do your work we’ll tell you. The final reason you choose us is, we are not interested in taking on work that we can’t do well – we don’t want the stress and we’re not that money focused. If a client comes to us with a problem and we think they will be better served going elsewhere we will recommend a firm for them. We do not have any referral arrangements in place with other law firms so we do not get rewarded for sending clients elsewhere. We’re relaxed about behaving like this because there are loads of clients who we are able to look after.

Our clients like us! Check out our client reviews here.