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London Based Commercial Law Firm

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Our commercial law firm started with one small client and one lawyer.

Since 2013 we have grown and we’ve helped hundreds of organisations and individuals do business and overcome their challenges.

Around half of our clients are in London and the South East and half in other part of the UK and abroad. We started from a bedroom in Fulham, we’re now operating out of the White Collar Factory in Shoreditch. If you’re an entrepreneur – we get you. We’ve been working with entrepreneurs for years and we’re entrepreneurs ourselves. If you’re a larger business that’s been around for a while – please take a look at us. We have high calibre lawyers who we think you’ll love working with and we may well be better value than the law firm you are currently using.

London Based Commercial Law Firm

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Our approach is to take time at the outset to understand your business and what you want to achieve. We’ll then work as quickly as possible to provide our advice and get the job done. We want to impress you so you’ll instruct us again.

London Based Commercial Law Firm

Why Choose Us?

We’re relatively new

We started trading in 2013. This is not a law firm where the people that run it joined with a large client base set up for them. We started trading with one small client and so to get to where we are now, we’ve had to be very client focused. We’ve still got a long way to go. The only way we are going to get there is by growing our client base and providing a great service to our existing clients. We need happy clients.

We’re not money focused

We need money – let’s be clear on that (and we’re not the cheapest law firm out there) - but money isn’t what motivates us. Our aim is to create a law firm which is great to work in. That may sound clichéd but we think it’s better to earn a decent wage and work in a good environment than earn a lot but work in an environment that’s not so great. It’s not much fun working in a firm where the clients resent paying the bills or leave because they think they can get a better service elsewhere.

We don’t set targets for our staff

Our staff are not required to hit targets so there is no pressure on them to maximise billable hours. Just think about that for a moment.

We recruit people on the basis of their personality

Our lawyers are very capable. It’s just as important for us as it is for you that our lawyers are excellent at their jobs. But it’s also very important for us that our staff are good people who are engaging and who will get on well with you. If you and your lawyers communicate well with each other things are less likely to get missed, creative ideas to solve your challenges are more likely to flow and the outcomes that you want to achieve are more likely to happen.

We’re entrepreneurial

We’re only just out of start-up phase and we had to grow the client base from scratch. We understand the challenges that a young business faces while at the same time we’re still super keen to shake things up and show more established businesses what we can do.

If we’re not the best firm to do your work we’ll tell you

We are not interested in taking on work that we can’t do well – we don’t want the stress. If a client comes to us with a problem and we think they will be better served going elsewhere we will recommend a firm for them. We’re relaxed about behaving like this because there are loads of clients who we are able to look after.

Our clients like us!

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