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The Experts on Technology Law

We are experts in technology law. Our technology lawyers work with a large range of technology businesses handling a diverse range of technology projects.

Providing technology solutions for web designers and digital marketing businesses to help put in place their standard conditions of supply to representing global technology giants rolling out services in foreign jurisdictions.

Providing The Best Legal Solutions For The Technology Industry

Our particular expertise in technology businesses secure our clients’ intellectual property rights with their customers, suppliers and employees and we provide commercial solutions to enable our clients to engage with their customers in a seamless way.

Services provided by our Software and Technology Lawyers

Technology companies are subject to the same legal principles as any other business, but they often have unique issues that require specialist advice.

Technology companies are often at the forefront of new and emerging trends, which can make them attractive to investors but also exposes them to greater risks. Technology companies may also have to deal with complex issues such as data protection, intellectual property, and cyber security.

For example, a tech sector business may need advice on:

  • intellectual property rights
  • data protection and privacy
  • information security
  • e-commerce
  • IT procurement
  • software development and licensing
  • cloud computing
  • open-source software development

We’ve worked with the most cutting edge of clients – no idea is too big. Don’t believe us? Check out our video with Extend Robotics, a leading UK robotics development business, here.

How EM Law Can Help Businesses Reliant On Technology

Businesses that supply software or which are reliant on technology in a significant way need advice on their software supply or purchase contracts to ensure that their rights are protected. The most obvious rights to be protected are intellectual property rights but aside from these there are other important provisions to take into account. For example, warranty and limitation of liability clauses. As with most commercial contracts but in particular with technology contracts, data protection issues must also be addressed and dealt with properly. Many businesses are not aware of all the issues that need to be considered or the appropriate position to adopt in negotiations. This is where EM Law can help.

Working With EM Law – A Corporate Minded Law Firm

First and foremost EM Law’s approach is very commercial. Most of our clients are not in a position to provide contracts to their customers on a “take it or leave it” basis and on the flip side they are usually not in a position to demand many changes to the supply contract put in front of them. Our clients therefore come to us to draft contracts that, while protecting them, are going to work for their customers without heavy negotiation or they ask us to let them know what changes to the contract that they are being asked to sign are essential.

Many of our clients are looking to make themselves attractive for investment or purchase and the advice that we give is always provided with this in mind. We produce documentation and solutions that we expect City lawyers to review when carrying out due diligence on behalf of a purchaser or investor.

Software and Technology Lawyers – Our Experience

Here are some examples of work performed by our software and technology lawyers. You can see more below.

  • advising a major player in the international development sector on all aspects of its software supply, integration and support service to governments in Africa and Asia
  • advising a telecommunications business on a wide range of commercial agreements in connection with its cloud-based VOIP service including its channel provider agreements, distributor agreements, shared facilities agreements, dial-through fraud protection guarantees; service level arrangements and platform agreements
  • advising a tech company based in California on the supply of its helpdesk platform solutions to Formula 1 and other UK businesses
  • advising an e-discovery business on a range of agreements for its e-discovery and forensics services business including terms and conditions of business, conflict policies; master services agreements and software licences
  • advising a property management software business on its software-as-a-service supply to various banks in Ghana
  • advising a traffic monitoring provider on its software-as-a-service supply to clients in the UK and overseas and on a bid to supply traffic data to an authority in the U.S.
  • advising a start-up in connection with the development of a mobile app that will provide access to medical support for members of the public in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • advising the UK’s Department for International Development on the procurement of a geospatial database to monitor activities in Helmand Province, Afghanistan
  • advising the UK’s Department for International Development on the contractual arrangements and the IPR and general data protection regulation around a major project to collect “green projects” data in Africa and Latin America
  • advising a website design and development business on all aspects of its operations including putting in place standard website design and development agreements, SLAs, hosting agreements and licence arrangements

Technology Law FAQs

What are technology lawyers?

A Technology lawyer is a lawyer that has a deep understanding of legal principles and technology clients but are is capable of linking the two disciplines. Managing Director, Technology will understand digital solutions. Lawyers know contracts.

A legal technology professional is someone who uses their skills in technology to help lawyers and law firms with their legal work. This may include managing and maintaining IT systems, developing software or other tools to help with legal work, or providing training on how to use technology effectively.

 They may work as part of a law firm’s IT staff, or they may be independent consultants who work with multiple firms.

They differ from technology lawyers as they do not provide legal advice or representation. 

Why do you need a technology lawyer?

A technology lawyer can help you protect your intellectual property, negotiate and draft contracts, and advise you on other legal matters related to your technology business. 

A technology lawyer can also help you navigate the complex legal landscape of the tech industry.  

If you are starting a tech company, or if you are involved in any aspect of the technology industry, you should consult with a technology lawyer because there are many legal issues that are unique to the tech industry.

What does tech law mean?

Tech law is a branch of law that covers legal issues specifically related to technology. This includes everything from online privacy and data protection to intellectual property law.

Tech law is a rapidly growing field, as more and more people are using technology in their everyday lives.

One of the key aspects of tech law is the way it intersects with other areas of law. For example, intellectual property law is important for protecting the copyrights and trademarks of tech companies. Similarly, contract law is important for setting out the terms of business deals, and tort law can be used to deal with online defamation or privacy breaches.

Technology Law Case Reviews

Our technology team have worked with some fantastic clients, as seen below.


“EM Law have supported Anexsys with a number of legal issues, ranging from drafting complex IT contracts to developing conflict policies and advising on a range of complex multi-jurisdiction legal issues. As a reactive technology business supporting large law firms we need a responsive law firm and lawyer who can quickly develop a knowledge of our business requirements, understand and present the risks, and develop a suitable resolution……..I would strongly recommend EM Law to anyone looking for a law firm that takes the time to understand ongoing risks and issues and provide elegant solutions.” Rob Crowley MD Anexsys Ltd

Jesse Roberts, Director – Packing Europe Limited

“Cost-effective, efficient and friendly legal advice, helped us to understand & negotiate the key aspects of a SaaS agreement, I would use EM Law again.”

Sean Lee Rice, Director – Schej Limited

“It was very easy dealing with Neil and his colleagues at EM Law. They created a B2B SaaS sales contract for my startup. They explained concepts in a way that I was able to easily understand and then comprehensively and patiently answered my questions. I look forward to doing business with them in the future”

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