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Dispute resolution

Sasha Bark Jones is a Litigation and Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Sasha Bark Jones

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Joanna McKenzie is a dispute resolution lawyer

Joanna McKenzie

Dispute Resolution

We are experts

We are experts in dispute resolution and commercial litigation. While we do our utmost to resolve disputes between our clients and their business partners without resorting to litigation, occasionally court action is needed. Clients can rest assured that we will pursue or defend their cases with efficiency, speed and determination

Commercial litigation solicitors

Our commercial litigation solicitors are usually able to resolve disputes through correspondence and phone calls with the parties involved. If meetings are necessary then we are happy to represent our clients in whatever form those meetings may take including mediation and alternative dispute resolution forums.

If court action is needed then we will take swift action to protect our client’s interests and provide the best representation for any commercial litigation.

Our solicitors have solved hundreds of commercial and business disputes

Our team also has experience in handling international arbitrations across a variety of sectors including oil and gas, infrastructure and construction and natural resources

Our key areas of dispute resolution and commercial litigation practice are:

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