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Sasha Bark Jones is a Litigation and Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Sasha Bark Jones

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We are experts in dispute resolution

We are experts in dispute resolution and commercial litigation. While we do our utmost to resolve disputes between our clients and their business partners without resorting to litigation, occasionally court action is needed. Clients can rest assured that we will pursue or defend their cases with efficiency, speed and determination

Commercial litigation solicitors

Our commercial litigation solicitors provide expert advice for resolving disputes through correspondence and phone calls with the parties involved. If meetings are necessary then we are happy to represent our clients in whatever form those meetings may take including mediation and alternative dispute resolution forums.

If more formal legal process is needed then we will take swift action to protect our client’s interests and provide the best representation for any commercial litigation.

Why choose EM Law for Dispute Resolution Services?

Our dispute resolution solicitors are highly responsive, experienced and pragmatic in their approach to resolving disputes. We subscribe to leading publishers so that we are up to date with the latest case law and practice.

So far, every commercial dispute case that we have taken on at EM Law has resulted in the other party either dropping their claim against our client or resolving things through settlement. So our clients have achieved their aims without resorting to expensive and lengthy disputes in the courts or through arbitration.

Our solicitors are all regulated by the solicitors regulation authority.

Our solicitors can advise on a wide variety of commercial disputes

Our team had advised clients across a variety of sectors including oil and gas, international development, consulting and leisure.

Our key areas of dispute resolution and commercial litigation practice are:

Dispute Resolution FAQs

What is involved in a dispute resolution process?

Initially one of our dispute resolution solicitors will gather preliminary evidence, assess your case and provide you with our initial thoughts on the strength and complexity of your case. Depending on what is at stake and the complexity of the case it may be useful to use a barrister to advise on the legal position. At this stage we may then take witness statements from key actors.

Most of the time we are able to then resolve things through negotiation with the other side and end the dispute with the parties involved singing a settlement agreement. If a formal legal process is needed then we will issue a claim and pursue the case in the courts.

What should you look for in a dispute resolution solicitor?

A dispute resolution solicitor should act quickly to understand your case and establish the merits of your claim or defence. Dealing with a dispute is not only costly, it is very distracting – our clients want to get on with running their business and driving sales so helping them resolve problems quickly is essential.

A dispute resolution solicitor should be an excellent communicator so that the client is open and honest with them about the background to the dispute.

What is the effect of a dispute resolution clause in a contract?

One of the first things a dispute resolution solicitor should check is whether there is a legally binding dispute resolution clause in the written agreement entered into between the parties. The clause should describe the law that governs the contract and how disputes should be dealt with, for example, through court proceedings or through arbitration.

The clause may also specify that the parties should pursue alternative dispute resolution such as mediation to try and resolve the dispute prior to commencing any further proceedings.

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