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Restraint of Trade EM Law

Restraint of Trade in Commercial Contracts

Restraint of trade is a complex area of law. The general principle, under English law, is that individuals and organisations should be free to carry on their business however they see fit. Individuals should be able to use their skills without undue restriction and businesses should be free to compete with other businesses. However, restraint […]

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EM Law Liquidated Damages

Liquidated damages – are they payable even when the contractor does not complete the works?

Liquidated damages clauses are often found in construction or software contracts. Due to the nature of these types of contracts, court proceedings to determine general damages for a breach of contract can be complex, time consuming and disproportionately costly. For this reason, the parties to these contracts often pre-determine the level of damages to which […]

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EM Law Breach of Contract Claim

Breach Of Contract What Are We Entitled To?

We sometimes get a call from clients with “there’s been a breach of contract what are we entitled to?” Signing and dealing with contracts is an integral part of running a business. But have you ever considered what would happen if one of these contracts didn’t go to plan? Breach of contract disputes are one […]

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