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Unsigned Contract? – it may be binding anyway

EM Law Unsigned Contract Lawyers London

An unsigned contract is often thought of as being harmless. It is a common belief that if a written contract is not signed, it cannot govern an agreement between the parties named on it.

Restraint of Trade in Commercial Contracts

Restraint of Trade EM Law

Restraint of trade is a complex area of law. The general principle, under English law, is that individuals and organisations should be free to carry on their business however they see fit.

Representations and Warranties What’s the Difference?

EM Law Representations and Warranties

On the face of it, representations and warranties can appear very similar. However, understanding the difference between the two can have a dramatic effect on how a claim plays out in court, the remedies available and the amount of damages that can be claimed.

Commercial Lease – A Quick Guide For Tenants

EM Law Commercial Lease Lawyers London

Our commercial lease lawyers are experts at drafting and negotiating different types of commercial lease. Whether you’re moving into a shop, factory or office, taking a lease of your first commercial property is a hugely exciting time for your business.