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EM Law Commercial Lease Lawyers London

Commercial Lease – A Quick Guide For Tenants

Our commercial lease lawyers are experts at drafting and negotiating different types of commercial lease. Whether you’re moving into a shop, factory or office, taking a lease of your first commercial property is a hugely exciting time for your business. However, before signing on the dotted line, it is very important to understand exactly what […]

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EM Law technology lawyers

Artificial Intelligence – Some Legal Issues

When someone says “Artificial Intelligence” what do you think? Robots taking over the world? Machines replacing you in your job? Or an opportunity for you to put your feet up and let someone else or rather something else do the chores? Although AI may be daunting for some, there is no doubt that it will […]

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Death Of Contra Proferentem Contract Lawyers London

Not The Death Of Contra Proferentem

For years, the contra proferentem rule has been used by the courts for the purposes of contractual interpretation. However, following the recent case of Persimmon Homes v Ove Arup (Persimmon Homes), many have questioned whether the rule still exists. This blog takes a look at the contra proferentem rule and explains why we have not […]

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