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We are experts

We are experts in employment law, regulated by the solicitors regulation authority. Our employment solicitors provide solid and timely legal advice to ensure that you or your organisation is looked after rapidly and efficiently. We are specialist employment law solicitors, advising employers and employees on all aspects of employment law.

Our approachable team of employment solicitors provide practical and cost-effective solutions to employers and employees, and we handle both contentious and non-contentious employment law work. We also help our clients with the employment law aspects of corporate and outsourcing transactions and guide employers on TUPE, warranties and other integration matters around these deals.

Comprehensive employment law services

Our specialist employment lawyers advise on a wide range of employment issues such as executive recruitment, employment contracts, secondment agreements, disciplinary and grievance procedures, termination of employment, and privacy and social media issues. We also have specific expertise in putting in place employee share option schemes and share incentive plans.

Our expertise

How we navigate complex employment issues

Unfair dismissal

  • Advising and settling a tribunal claim for a construction company regarding unfair dismissal and holiday pay.
  • Advising a medical professional regarding her potential claims for whistleblowing and unfair dismissal after she made protected disclosures in her resignation letter and was suspended.
  • Advising and representing a senior scientist in relation to her claims for constructive unfair dismissal and maternity discrimination after she was overlooked for promotion during her maternity leave and her grievance was mishandled.

Redundancy and settlement agreements

  • Supporting a medical research charity through several rounds of redundancies: drafting and negotiating settlement agreements.
  • Advising a multinational communications company throughout a wide-ranging redundancy and TUPE exercise affecting employees in several countries, including comprehensive written and telephone advice, drafting the legal documents, and correspondence to employees affected.
  • Advising a foreign bank in the UK regarding a merger and collective redundancy and TUPE issues arising from the merger.
  • Advising a procurement joint venture regarding a large-scale redundancy exercise with TUPE implications, including drafting advisory briefing notes, relevant board minutes, scripts for the collective and individual redundancy consultation meetings, and correspondence to send to employees regarding the redundancies, pay and other employment law advice.
  • Advising employees on the terms of settlement agreements and helping them with negotiations.
  • Drafting and negotiating settlement agreements for an international development company.

Restrictive covenants

  • Advising employers and employees regarding the enforceability of restrictive covenants and practical and tactical issues surrounding their enforcement.
  • Advising a spin studio regarding enforcing restrictive covenants against an instructor who had left the studio to work for a competitor and who was soliciting customers from our client’s business.
  • Advising an accountancy practice regarding enforcing restrictive covenants arising on an employee leaving the practice and setting up her own business.
  • Advising a procurement joint venture regarding a large-scale redundancy exercise with TUPE implications, including drafting advisory briefing notes, relevant Board minutes, scripts for the collective and individual redundancy consultation meetings, and correspondence to send to employees regarding the redundancies and other employment law advice.

Contracts and transactions

  • Advising a PLC regarding international employment and secondment arrangements and drafting employment contracts and secondment agreements relating to these matters.
  • Leading a team to deliver a wholesale file audit and review of terms and conditions for all UK-based employees of a music recording and publishing company before its sale.
  • Advising a leading independent film and television company on senior executive hires: drafted and negotiated service agreements with complex bonus and termination provisions for C-suite executives.
  • Advising an accountancy practice on the employment law aspects of its acquisition of another practice and in relation to issues under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employees) Regulations 2006 (TUPE).
  • Drafting, reviewing, and amending directors’ service agreements, contracts of employment, and policies and procedures in Staff Handbooks.

Grievance/disciplinary hearings

  • Advising an educational institution regarding numerous grievance and disciplinary situations.
  • Advising an IT company regarding the employment law issues surrounding international fraud committed by an employee director shareholder, including in relation to the disciplinary and appeal processes and regarding a grievance brought by the director.
  • Advising a construction company regarding disciplinary proceedings against an employee in relation to unauthorised absence and misconduct in the office, drafting correspondence to send to the employee, and also advising them regarding the management of a long-term sick employee and potential disability discrimination issues surrounding her.
  • Advising many senior executives and employees facing performance management at work and other employment law issues.

Our success stories

Clients contact us because they want us to provide them with solutions with minimal fuss and at a fair cost. Whether we’re needed to advise on a settlement agreement or a large team move we respond quickly to the challenges that are thrown at us.

More often that not, clients looking for employment law services want us to tell them what to do rather than have us give them lots of options and leave it up to the client to decide what is best for them.

We think that if you’re looking for specialist employment solicitors you probably want us to come up with practical advice so that we can resolve things quickly and you can get on with running your business or moving on with your life.

Have a read of our client reviews regarding the employment advice we have provided in the past.

Dave Dadds CEO DRD Communications Ltd

We have worked with Neil and his colleagues on a number of different company issues including business acquisitions, client contract and employment matters. Neil and his team have always provided very professional help and have been very efficient in meeting our needs. We would highly recommend Neil and his team.


I was referred to EM Law by a friend and Helen Monson was assigned to my case. The immediate support in understanding the details of my case and the clear direction was excellent. There was a sense of urgency and accuracy in all communications that really helped in clarifying the various options open to me. The result was more than positive and I would not hesitate in recommending EM Law in the future.

SM, Recruitment Manager

Learning that you are to be made redundant whilst on maternity leave is a horrible prospect. Then add to that having to find a lawyer to help navigate the process and ensure that you are being treated fairly makes it all even more intimidating. So I felt incredibly fortunate to have come across Imogen. She was fantastic at helping at every juncture – I felt totally confident in her ability to help me negotiate the best deal and so much more at ease knowing she was there to advise. She is hugely knowledgeable and understanding, and I couldn’t have got through it without her. I hope that I’ll never be in a similar situation again but know that I would always contact Imogen if I were. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Employment law solicitors FAQs

What do employment solicitors do?

Specialist employment solicitors provide legal assistance and support to employers or employees who have issues with their employer / staff relationships. In addition to court work and representation they can help clients with contract disputes, pay issues, employment tribunal claims, and other employment-related problems.

Employment law experts also draft contracts and policies, advise on the law and they help businesses with their compliance programmes.

Because employment law is a complicated and ever-changing area of the law, it is critical to obtain expert assistance.  Employment lawyers can provide the expertise and guidance needed to navigate the employment law landscape.

If you are an employee who is facing problems at work, an employment solicitor can provide pragmatic advice and legal representation. They can assess your situation and advise you on the best course of action. They can also represent you in court if necessary.

If you an are employer,  an employment solicitor can help you to ensure that your business is compliant with employment law. They can advise you on employment contracts, policies, and procedures. They can also help you to resolve employment disputes.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, our employment team can provide the legal assistance and support you need and we provide our support as a law firm regulated by the solicitors regulation authority.

Acas is an independent public body that receives funding from the government. Acas provides information, advice, training, conciliation and other services for employers and employees. While ACAs helpline advisers can walk you through your options they cannot give legal advice. This is because they are impartial and cannot take sides.

Do you need a solicitor to go to the employment tribunal?

You do not have to use a solicitor to bring or defend a claim in the employment tribunal but of course it is going to help if you are represented by an employment law specialist.

If you cannot afford specialist employment solicitors to help with your claim then in most cases you can approach one of the Citizens Advice offices. You may also have legal expenses insurance under your home insurance policy.

We try and offer our clients flexible arrangements around our legal fees. Where possible we will offer a fixed fee, other times it will be an hourly rate. We can also potentially represent you under a no win no fee (see below). We do not take on legal aid work.

Do you work on a no win no fee basis?

Yes, in some circumstances our employment team will work on a no win no fee basis – if an employee is looking to leave their employment because of a falling out at work. It depends on the case and we will not act on a no win no fee basis if the case goes to tribunal but more often than not we can negotiate an attractive settlement agreement for the client and avoid an employment dispute.

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