Our client asked us to provide them with a SaaS contract that they could use for their customers.

Context and Challenge

Our client had been operating for many years in the fashion industry. They had developed a platform that enabled their customers to build and cost products within their collections, facilitate production, organise supply chains and create inventories and other solutions. They came to us because the contract that they were using was out of date and they wanted a new contract that would reflect modern best practice.

What had sparked the need for a new contract was that they had tried to on-board a new, large customer and that customer’s in-house lawyers had simply rejected the contract that had been put in front of them.

Our client wanted us to provide them with a new contract that would protect them but at the same time would be broadly acceptable to their new customer and future customers.

Process and Insight

We spent time at the outset hearing about our client’s business and understanding the kinds of risks and challenges that they faced. We also discussed different options for the SaaS conditions such as whether or not to include service levels.

Once we were clear on the risk profile and what our client wanted to achieve we drafted the SaaS contract.


We provided our client with a SaaS contract, fit for purpose.


The new customer accepted the SaaS contract that we drafted with no amendment requests.