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Data protection must be addressed by all types of businesses and other organisations – the introduction of GDPR in 2018 has had a profound effect on the data protection landscape. We provide expert legal advice on data protection laws and practice, helping our clients comply with their legal obligations in an efficient and practical way. We helped several clients become GDPR compliant before GDPR come into effect and we are helping new clients on an ongoing basis with their compliance programmes.

Our data protection lawyers have helped a wide range of clients needing advice on interpreting GDPR and other data protection laws, implementing systems to comply with their obligations around handling personal data and drafting privacy policies. We have helped start-ups, SMEs, major names in the advertising and publishing world and a government department.

We can help with the following:

Data protection compliance is complicated if you don’t know the law! We help clients with:

Neil Williamson is the firm’s main contact for data protection advice.

Examples of our data protection experience:

We help a wide range of businesses and other organisations with data protection compliance. Here are some examples of the work we have done:

  • advising several clients – including clients with operations outside the EEA – on the implications of the GDPR coming into force and making them compliant by providing them with the necessary documentation and advising them on changes to their processes.
  • updating standard form contracts to make them GDPR compliant.
  • updating DFID’s standard terms and conditions for suppliers to include extensive provisions dealing with data protection.
  • advising a telecommunications provider on their data handling obligations and negotiating several major contracts on their behalf involving cross border data transfers.
  • advising a business that processes large amounts of data on behalf of law firms on its contracts with clients and suppliers.
  • advising a direct marketing agency on its privacy obligations and putting in place systems to ensure that data was collected lawfully.
  • advising a major newspaper (in an in-house capacity) on data protection compliance.
  • advising a media investment company (in an in-house capacity) on data protection compliance.
  • advising an international church on GDPR / PECR challenges around a database with hundreds of thousands of individuals on it and how to overcome them.
  • advising a leading PR business with overseas operations on GDPR compliance and providing training to staff.
  • advising an international business in the risk advisory / corporate due diligence industry on GDPR compliance.

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